best landlocked surfing video of 2023 competiton

Vítězné video z roku 2021 "Daleko od oceánu"

let's do it again!

We have tried to organize a best surfing video competition in 2020. About a week before COVID-19 hit. Due to that and the traveling restrictions, not many people joined the challenge. But we still like the idea and we need some quality Czech content, so we are doing it again! 

The rules are clear and the same as the last time - send us your videos until the end of the year. We will announce the winner during March 2024.

The jury are Adam Svoboda and Radek Karko, the last year's winners that claimed their first place with the video "Far away from the ocean".

HOW to participate in the competition?

1. film a cool surfing video

It does not really matter whether you film it in Prague or on Bali - the topic is "Landlocked surfers". We are excited to see your ideas! The video has to contain our logo for at least 3 seconds and have at least two of the following: 

  • czerrel (Czech barrel)
  • czair (Czech air)
  • czechout (Czech wipe-out)
  • haole shaka (Hawaiian gesture performed by somebody who's not Hawaiian)

We leave entirely up to you what you will imagine under these terms and conditions and we are stoked to see the result! The video has to be longer than 30 seconds so you manage to stuff everything in it. The rest is on you!


Upload the video to WeTransfer or a similar platform and send us the link to our email adress - until the end of 2023. Add at least 5 photos from the making of the video and a short text to describe it. We will upload the video on our Facebook and YouTube channel and we will publish it here too to make a little film star of you too ;). 

3. win 20 000 czk

Our jury - Adam Svoboda and Radek Karko will choose the winner, that will get 20 000 CZK. There will be 4 criteria considered in the final decision:

  • the total number of likes on social media
  • creativity
  • technical aspects
  • overall impression